Midgardsblot 2017

17. - 19. aug 2016 Kl: 12.00 - 02.00

Midgardsblot is a  completely unique festival at Borre. Extreme metal and Viking culture join ranks in spectacular historical surroundings, giving the audience the opportunity to experience the most renowned aspects of Norwegian culture in a creative and exciting combination.

For three days, Norwegian and international metal bands will occupy the are around the Viking Hall. Many of the bands are greatly inspired by ancient Norse culture, and among the headliners are bands such as iconic Wardruna (NO) and Skuggsjá (NO), both featuring Einar Selvik, the latter being a cooperation of Wardruna and Enslaved (NO). As the vikings did, the festival also welcome cultural impressions from faraway lands.

In addition to the musical part of the festival, there will also be a Viking market in the daytime, where you can meet Vikings merchants, and learn about viking history and culture. Viking warriors will hold battles during the festival, and there will be various activities to try out, including a special program for children, and of course loads of good food and drink.

Midgard Historical Centre will organise guided tours throughout the festival. In the auditorium of the Centre there will be lectures about different aspects of Viking culture, and other events.

There will be a festival camp by the Borre beach, featuring both a Viking and a modern camp.

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For more information, please see midgardsblot.no



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