The Viking Hall

Welcome to the Viking Hall

A unique reconstruction of a great mead hall from the Viking Age!



Welcome to the Viking Hall! Photo: Espen Winther

The Viking Hall is a reconstruction of a great mead hall from the Viking Age. In 2007, archaeologists found imprints of such halls at Borre, strengthening Borre’s position as a centre of power, even before the Viking Age.

When reconstructing such a hall, the first issue is that we do not know what they looked like! The Viking Hall is therefore constructed from archaeological theories, and mythical sources such as the epic of Beowulf has been taken into account. Major parts of the theory, which has given the Hall it’s characteristic tall and pointed construction, is that these halls were the predecessors to the later stave churches, as well as archaelogical evidence from similar finds, where the pillar holes in the middle part of the halls are especially deep.  The result is a majestic, interesting and completely unique building.

On the exterior, shingles have been carefully laid and tarred, and beautiful wood carvings adorn the upper walls and the entrance

Gildehallen - Foto Klasbu

The Viking Hall – Photo: Kausland

In the interior, the Hall is furnished with a fireplace, benches, and tables with hand-carved supports. The exquisite carvings on the pillars each tell their own story, which together create the backround for the hall. The stories were myths already in the Viking Age, and perhaps these very stories were told in the halls at Borre 1000 years ago!

The carvings are done by hand, with machines used only to create depth, and are carved in Vestfold-style, based mainly on finds from Oseberg.

Many parts of the building are processed by hand, using traditional tools. Nearly 2800 square metres have been given a close to authentic look, and we applaud the skill, effort and heart put into the work.

Ceramics and beautiful Viking drinking glasses are used for serving, and pelts from Spælsau, an ancient Norwegian race of sheep, gives comfort to the benches.

The decoration of the Hall is not finished, and we are always looking for new ways to improve it!


We find these kind of buildings from about 300 AD and onwards. They usually consist of one large room, where the fireplace was the central source of heating and light. Artifacts found in these halls indicate that they have had an official function. Common finds are exclusive drinking glasses, weapons, gold and other items that differ from everyday life.

The hall can be seen as a ceremonial room, serving the purpose of expressing and maintaining the importance of the lineage. Weddings have probably been held here, as well as funerals, where property and inheritance were transferred to through generations.


IMG_1431 lite

The Viking Hall before a feast. Photo: Midgard

Tickets to the museum are also valid for the Viking Hall.

The Hall can be rented for company gatherings, birthdays, weddings and other big occasions.

Welcome to the Viking Hall!

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