Welcome to Midgard – the World of the Vikings!

Midgard Historical Centre in Borre is a branch of the Vestfold Museums, and is located next to Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds from the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age. The Centre opened in 2000 with the primary task of creating and spreading knowledge about Viking Age in the Vestfold County.

The burial mounds in Borre constitute one of Norway’s most important national heritage sites, and it was a place of power and influence in Europe during the Viking Age.

Gaiaskipet, en kopi av Gokstadskipet

The Gaia Ship. Image: Gaia Crew

The Vikings were not only warriors, but skillful sailors and tradesmen. Their ships were built to withstand long journeys, and traces of Nordic settlements have been found as far away as Newfoundland in North- America. Many of the artifacts from Borre are of an eastern character and bears witness of a strong cultural influence from the countries around the Baltic Sea, Poland and Russia. Findings from graves in Kaupang in the southern part of Vestfold show us that the Vikings were in close contact with today’s Central Europe, England, France, Ireland and the areas around the Mediterranean. Several coins found in Vestfold originate from Kufa in Iraq. The Vikings were very fashion orientated, they didn’t just bring anything back home, but they shopped luxury items abroad and equipped themselves with the latest within weaponry.

If you come to Midgard you will get the oppurtunity to experience the Viking Age using all your senses. Thrown enough axes lately? The Viking playground outside Midgard offers a wide range of “Viking activites” such as throwing axes on wooden poles, shooting with a bow and arrow and learning how to master skills the Vikings needed in daily life.

Midgardsenteret med snø

Midgard in winter

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